1991/1995 Rings of earthly light and other songs


General informations

Artista   Eris Pluvia& Ancient Veil
Titolo   1991/1995 Rings of earthly light and other songs
Etichetta   Open Mind Lizard Records
Distribuzione digitale  Felmay
Catalogo   CD 0146
Barcode  8003102201469
Paese Italia
Genere Progressive Rock
Web: www.ancientveil.it –  www.lizardrecords.it


On April 15, 2019, the CD “1991/1995 Rings of earthly light and other songs” will be released.

It comes in two parts: in the first, the official reprint of “Rings of earthly light” by ERIS PLUVIA after 28 years from his appearance on the music scene and in the second part, unpublished and historical tracks of the ANCIENT VEIL of the same period.The work was personally supervised, in the new graphic and sound, by Edmondo Romano and Alessandro Serri of ANCIENT VEIL.

“Rings of earthly light” was recognized as one of the records that gave way to the current of the Italian New Progressive in the 90s and became part of that array of historically important records for the Prog genre in Italy and the abroad. It was produced and distributed in 1991 by Musea and over the years has seen reprints of all kinds in Poland, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Russia …

The CD comes with the double name ERIS PLUVIA and ANCIENT VEIL, because there is a line of continuity between the first work of ERIS PLUVIA and the first work of ANCIENT VEIL, this line is given by the founders and main composers of both formations, Alessandro Serri and Edmondo Romano.

They  decided to contact the remaining members of the ERIS PLUVIA group, bassist Marco Forella and guitarist Alessandro Cavatorti (who recently released the album “Tales from another time”, these musicians worked on the 1991 CD together with the former drummer Martino Murtas and the deceased keyboardist Paolo Raciti), to give new life to this work, which comes out shortly after its live replay on the CD “Rings of earthly … Live” by ANCIENT VEIL.

The sound was edited using the original DAT tapes, more compact and deeper than the CD released in 1991 and after an audio cleaning, they proceeded to a remastering, to give more presence to the sound.

To complete the historical moment, six pieces were added, composed in the same period.

“And when the train has left” is an unreleased track never recorded until today and for a certain period between 1988 and 1990, always the composition of the duo, it was the opening song of the concerts of ERIS PLUVIA, as also unpublished is ” Through the sky “, a soft ballad always composed by Serri and Romano, immediately after the release of ” Rings of earthly light “. After the two unpublished works follow the song “Flying” this time in instrumental version and the following “You’ll become rain part two” for string quartet only, “Walking around” for lyric choir, double bass and recorder and “Landscape and two “for five flutes of the Bolivian tradition with the name mohozeno, these last three had been published in”The Ancient Veil”


but not included in “New – The Ancient Veil Remastered”. “Walking around”in different form, was present in the first demo tape marketed by ERIS PLUVIA, entitled” Pushing together “and dated 1990.

The cover is like in the origina,l a painting by Giovanni Romano entitled “Aurora”, while the graphics of the booklet have been completely renewed by Edmondo Romano, who had already designed and edited them at the time.

A big thanks goes to the determination of Jens Deneke, former producer of “New – The Ancient Veil Remastered” and to the great support of Loris Furlan of Lizard Records that follows ANCIENT VEIL in all their productions and to Beppe Greppi of Felmay Records who takes care of it digital distribution and the collaboration of Eden Production.


  1. Rings of earthly light (suite)|Earthcore|Portrait|Sell my feelings|Following her in a fantasy lake|I re emerged ancient knight
  2. In the rising mist
  3. The broken path
  4. Glares of mind
  5. Pushing together
  6. You’ll become rain
  7. The way home
  8. Through the sky (unpublished)
  9. And when the train has left (unpublished)
  10. Flying (instrumental)
  11. You’ll become rain part two
  12. Walking around
  13. Landscape and two


Alessandro Serri, Edmondo Romano, Paolo Raciti, Marco Forella, Martino Murtas, Alessandro Cavatorti, Fabio Serri, Valeria Caucino, Sabrina Quarelli, Enrico Paparella, Roberto Mazzola, Sara Diano, Alessandro Sacco, Stefano Cabrera, Marco Fadda, Gianni Serino, Massimo Tarozzi, Sergio Grazia, Antonella Trovato, Tomaso Olivari, Alice Nappi, Sirio Restani ed il suo coro.

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