Ancient Veil

Alessandro Serri: voice, electric, acoustic, classical and 12-string guitars, flute

Edmondo Romano: soprano sax, clarinet, low whistle, recorder, musette, loop, melodica

Fabio Serri piano: moog, hammond organ, synth, vocals

Massimo Palermo: bass

Marco Fuliano: drums

The origins of Ancient Veil date back to 1984 when Alessandro Serri and Edmondo Romano founded Eris Pluvia, proponents of a fusion between the ancient and modern sounds of progressive rock with folk and Canterburian influences. In 1991 they released their debut album“Rings of earthly light”, one of the most popular prog albums of those years destined over time to become a real cult record among fans.
Abandoned the band in 1992, Romano and Serri, assisted by Fabio Serri, create the Ancient Veil project and in 1995 they release the album of the same name. This will be followed by a long break lasting over twenty years in which the two musicians dedicate themselves to separate musical activities.

In 2017 Ancient Veil return with the new album “I am changing” released by Lizard Records .
This album re-proposes the atmospheres dear to Romano and Serri in a new chapter that in a few months gets excellent reviews from the most important international magazines dedicated to prog.

In February 2018, “New – The Ancient Veil remastered” was released, a reissue of the homonymous CD that Mellow Records produced in 1995, released in a new version thanks to producer Jens Deneke, in collaboration with Eden Production , Lizard Records and Felmay.  New mix, new sounds, new mastering, new playlist and new graphics.

May 2018 is released a live CD recorded during two concerts made in 2017 at “La Claque” in Genoa to which the Ancient Veil with the new line-up, with Massimo Palermo on bass and Marco Fuliano on drums, have been working for about a year: “Rings of earthly … Live” a record that traces the thirty years of the band’s career, offering live songs that have become part of the history of Italian new progressive from 1991 to today. The CD is produced by Lizard Records and distributed by Black Widow Records.

In the spring of 2019, “1991/1995 Rings of earthly light and other songs”.
A new remastered version of the first album by Alessandro Serri and Edmondo Romano, as Eris Pluvia with a new mix and new mastering, three tracks taken from “The ancient veil” proposed in a new guise and two unreleased tracks composed in 1994.

Another time thanks to producer Jens Deneke, in collaboration with Eden Production , Lizard Records and Felmay. This record has the particularity of being released with double names Eris Pluvia and Ancient Veil.

October 2020 the new album by Ancient Veil titled Unplugged Live is released .
After receiving numerous awards for the previous live album “Rings of earthly … Live” of 2018 made with Loris Furlan’s Lizard Records and in collaboration with Black Widow, we decided to complete this live path with a new album, which mainly contained the acoustic performances of Ancient Veil, then the versions performed in concert in trio, with the inclusion of some particular songs with the full band.
The CD therefore collects eleven pieces performed live in three different concerts.
Seven pieces are performed in an acoustic trio composed by Alessandro Serri, Edmondo Romano and Fabio Serri, and four pieces are performed with the whole band, together with Massimo Palermo on bass and Marco Fuliano on drums.
Particular are the portion of the suite Rings of earthly light in an unplugged version revisited in the structure and arrangement and the presence of three unreleased songs : A clouded mind poignant instrumental , Return to the past song that Alessandro Serri had composed for one of the very first Eris Pluvia formations and rarely performed live in 1988/89 and You’ll become rain part two recorded with the band. This is a 1991 composition written by Serri and Romano at that time and brought into concert during the only tour made in those years and never stopped on record except in a particular version for string quartet recorded by Ancient Veil in 1995 in the homonymous CD. There is also a live video of this song at “La Casa di Alex” in Milan.
The live was recorded during two concerts performed at La Claque in Genoa which took place on May 12 and November 11, 2017 in acoustic formation completed by the presence of Marco Gnecco at the oboe and on January 19, 2019 at La casa di Alex in Milan with the full band.
The CD is produced by Massimiliano Bet , from Lizard Records and in collaboration with Eden Production.
The mix was curated by Edmondo Romano and Simone Carbone, live footage by Massimo Calcagno and Patrick Simonetti.
The oil painting on the cover is titled “Vertigo” and like those in the booklet they are all made by the painter Francesca Ghizzardi, a distinguishable sign of all the works of the Ancient Veil.

Ancient Veil’s collaboration with Ma.Ra.Cash Records starts in 2022, with the creation of an acoustic trio arrangement (Alessandro Serri, Edmondo Romano and Fabio Serri) of the song “I believe in you” for a double CD tribute to John Wetton, entitled CELEBRATING THE DRAGON.

10 November 2023, Puer Aeternus (Ma.Ra.Cash. Records) is released, a decidedly progressive album with experimental, acoustic openings, but it is also an opera, it is theatre, history, music for images and emotions, where the acoustic instruments which have always been the trademark of Ancient Veil (acoustic and classical guitars, various flutes, soprano sax… with Edmondo Romano and Alessandro Serri as protagonists) where interweavings of Hammond and Moog well dosed by Fabio Serri, become the completion of the global sound, where drums , bass and percussion are never accompaniment but always highlighted and musical. The palette is enriched with a present string quartet and a full-bodied wind section made up of clarinet, oboe, bassoon, French horn, almost to create a small orchestra.


Alessandro Serri – In 1984 together with Edmondo Romano he founded Eris Pluvia where he remained until 1992 as guitarist, singer, flutist and composer of almost all the songs on the CD “Rings of earthly light”.
In 1993 with Edmondo Romano and Fabio Serri he founded Ancient Veil with which he released several albums.
He participated in the writing of the soundtracks and performed live the multimedia theater performances Eris Pluvia (1986) Quasi transfigurare (1989) La siepe (1994).
Since 2006 he has dedicated himself to the composition of ambient music and soundtracks.
He has collaborated with several bands and musicians internationally (Tony Cicco, John Hackett, Dave Camp, Jon Gilutin, Narrow Pass, All Light Orchestra and Celeste). He is also an opera singer and has performed several solo concerts and operas as a chorister and supporting actor.

Edmondo Romano – Polyphiatist and composer, he has been working for 25 years in experimental, folk, ethnic, world, minimalist, soundtrack musical research … perfecting the use of instruments in different cultures and expressions.
He has played in numerous film soundtracks (in collaboration with Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi), set poetic readings to music for Adonis, Fernanda Pivano, Mario Macario, Maurizio Maggiani, Don Andrea Gallo, Ugo Volli, Dario Vergassola … composed music for theater (Teatro Nudo , Laura Curino, Lina Sastri, Teatro Cargo, Teatro della Tosse, Teatro Archivolto …), performing with numerous musicians in Italy and abroad including Vittorio De Scalzi, Mauro Pagani, Picchio dal Pozzo, Mario Arcari, Ares Tavolazzi, Antonio Marangolo, Ingrid Chavez, Yo Yo Mundi, Armando Corsi, Tony Esposito, Marco Beasley, Marco Fadda, Elias Nardi, Max Manfredi, Arup Kanti Das, Filippo Gambetta, Maurizio Martinotti, Franco Lucà, Roberta Alloisio, Federico Sirianni, Gnu Quartet, Birkin Tree, Gianfranco De Franco, Edward Neill … He took part in more than 100 recordings with some of the most important ethno-folk, progressive, world labels in Italy (Le Vijà, TradAlp Orchestra, Picchio dal Pozzo, Charta De Mar, Comunn Mor, Fabio Zuffanti, Hostsonaten …) and personal projects that obtain excellent international recognition: Eris Pluvia, Avarta, Orchestra Bailam, Ancient veil. Artistic curator and composer of the Nudo Theater Company. He has produced two solo albums: “ Sonno Eliso ” – The disks of the explet (2012); “ Missive Archetipe ” – Felmay (2014). In 2017 he released his work on the tradition ” Cabit – Unico figlio ” in the ranking on ITunes Italy and recognized among the 10 best Italian world music albums of 2017.

Fabio Serri – Pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer. He has participated in several albums both as an artist and as an author and producer. He has done the musical direction, composition and arrangements for numerous theatrical and musical productions (Hair, Priscilla the queen of the desert, Ghost the Musical, Madagascar the Musical…) in Italy, France, Russia, Portugal, Turkey, Spain. Author of cartoon songs and television themes (Scooby Doo, Winx, Hello Kitty…). He was musical director of the live band of Cd Live on Rai 2. He was the musical direction of the Italian tours of Marco Carta. From the 2015-2016 academic year he is artistic director of Mas Music Academy.

Massimo Palermo – As a session player, he collaborates with various artists including: Franco Mussida (PFM), Tullio De Piscopo, Pierangelo Bertoli, Linda Wesley (Heineken Tour), Rev. Lee Brown (international jazz and gospel festivals), Fabrizio Casalino (di Colorado Cafè), Rossana Casale, Sandro Giacobbe, Leandro Barsotti, Alberto Fortis and Luca Dirisio.
In the recording studio, he participates in the realization of Polygram, Sony, Cecchi Gori, RTI and Universal productions for some of the artists mentioned above. In Rai, bassist of the resident band of CD Live (January – June 2007) on Rai 2. He participates in the recordings of the soundtrack of the fiction for Canale 5 Non stop dreaming, of the Opera Moderna Opera Bible by Maestro Marco Grasso and of the disco and Alan Simon’s live DVD Tristan & Yseult (international production) and Alan Simon’s Captain Kid with Jeremy Spencer (Fletwood Mac) and Jessy Siebemberg (Supertramp), Alan Simon’s disc and Tour Excalibur with Martin Barre (Jethro Tull) and John Anthony Helliwell (Supertramp).
As a teacher, he teaches at Music Line in Genoa and at the MAS (Music, Arts and Show) in Milan, in the years 89-92 he collaborates with the CPM (Centro Professione Musica) in Milan, he has created various musical teaching methods.

Marco Fuliano– Drummer, arranger and producer. Endorser of the Vic Firth brand. ¨ For more than 10 years he has collaborated Live and Studio with some of the great names of the blues world scene: Kirk Fletcher, Andy Irvine, Otis Grand, Jerry Portnoy, Paul Reddick, Big Pete Pearson, Roxanne Potvin, Fabio Treves, Guitar Ray, etc … with whom he treads the most prestigious stages of clubs and festivals throughout Europe: Reigen in Vienna, Cazorla Blues Festival, Rapperswil Blues & jazz, Bluesfest in Eutin, Â Madrid blues festival, Magic blues in Vallemaggia, International Eclat Festival in Beirut, Gouvy blues festival, Auzon le blues in Carpentras, the Vienna Tunnel, Gevarenwinkel blues festival and many more. He has several television appearances on networks such as TVE Spain, Rock TV Italy, CNN. He collaborates as an arranger of soundtracks with Sky and Nexo,for film and television distribution.
He is arranger in the Black Diamond Studio team. He was founder and 360 ° active member of the bands Asymmetry Of Ego (alternative prog metal) and Maktub Project (neo soul, RnB). He teaches the drum course at Black Diamond Studio, Space and Fabbrica Musicale del Levante.


1990 – ERIS PLUVIA – Pushing Together (Demo)
1991 – ERIS PLUVIA – Rings of earthly light (Musea)
1993 – ANCIENT VEIL – Morning after (Demo)
1995 – ANCIENT VEIL – The ancient veil (Mellow Records)
1995 – ANCIENT VEIL – A tribute to Genesis “The river of constant change” (Mellow Records)
1997 – ANCIENT VEIL – A tribute to italian progressive rock of the seventies “Zarathustra’s revenge” (Mellow Records)
2013 – ANCIENT VEIL – A tribute to Genesis solo career – Peter Gabriel – Family snapshot “(Mellow Records)
2014 – ANCIENT VEIL – Genesis solos Tribute” In the land of geese, ghost and confusion “(Mellow Records)
2017 – ANCIENT VEIL – I am changing (Lizard Records)
2018 – ANCIENT VEIL – New – The ancient veil remastered (Lizard Records)
2018 – ANCIENT VEIL – Rings of earthly… Live (Lizard Records)
2018 – ANCIENT VEIL – Italian Progressive Rock vol.1 (Terra Incognita)
2019 – ERIS PLUVIA & ANCIENT VEIL – 1991/1995 Rings of earthly light and other songs (Lizard Records)
2020 – ANCIENT VEIL – Prog Rinascimento Rettiliano (Lizard Records)
2020 – ANCIENT VEIL – Unplugged Live (Lizard Records)
2022 – ANCIENT VEIL – Celebrating The Dragon – A Tribute To John Wetton
2023 – ANCIENT VEIL – Puer Aeternus


05/12/2017 – La Claque – Genoa

11/11/2017 – La Claque – Genoa

03/08/2018 – Progfest – Genoa

05/28/2018 – La Feltrinelli – Genoa

19/01/2019 – Alex’s House – Milan

13/04/2019 – “Flying saucers” exhibition – Loano (SV)

20/08/2023 – Trasimeno Prog Festival – Castiglione del Lago (Perugia)



Edmondo Romano – Genoa, Italy

Alessandro Serri – Genoa, Italy

Luca Paoli – Pavia Italy