Back in 1985 Alessandro Serri and Edmondo Romano founded Eris Pluvia, a concept of fusion between ancient and modern sounds.
In 1991 they gave birth and arranged their own compositionsof the discographic work “Rings of earthly light” one of the most appreciated albums of international progressive rock of those years.
Alessandro and Edmondo in 1992 left the band and together with Fabio Serri created the project “Ancient Veil” and in 1995 they published the homonimous CD.

2020 “Unplugged Live” second live chapter of Ancient Veil, in an acoustic key

2019 Eris Pluvia & Ancient Veil – “1991/1995 Rings of earthly light and other songs”

2018 “New – The Ancient Veil remastered” offers the 1995 album in a totally renewed key

2018 “Rings of earthly … Live” The first live album of the Ancient Veil

2017 “I am changing” is the new chapter of this particular sound