Wednesday,  May 9,  2018 date of release of the Ancient Veil’s CD entitled Rings of earthly … Live.
The title is nothing but a word pun that recalls the album “Rings of earthly light” that Serri and Romano composed and produced in 1991 with the band founded by them called Eris Pluvia.

The CD in 73 minutes of music, retraces the thirty years of career of the formation, proposing live with a new band, some songs entered to be part of the history of the italian “new progressive”.
The album starts with six tracks from The Ancient Veil (Mellow Records 1995) now published again with the title New – The Ancient Veil remastered (Lizard Records 2018), continues with the tracks of Rings of earthly light and ends with three pieces taken from I am changing (Lizard Records 2017) recording work that has obtained excellent sales and criticism from all the international press in this sector.

The band is formed by Alessandro Serri (guitars, voice and flute), Edmondo Romano (soprano sax, straight flutes, clarinet, low whistle, melodica), Fabio Serri (piano and keyboards), Massimo Palermo (bass), Marco Fuliano ( drums and acoustic guitar).

The live was recorded during two concerts held in 2017 in the beautiful space of “La Claque” in Genoa on May 12 during the long live which also featured Valeria Caucino in the song “Sell my feelings” (original voice of “Rings of earthly light “) and the Finisterre participate in the song ” In the rising mist ” in the guise of Fabio Zuffanti and Stefano Marelli on acoustic guitars and on 11 November in acoustic line completed by the presence of the oboist Marco Gnecco.

The CD is produced by Lizard Records and distributed by Black Widow Records.
The mix was curated by Simone Carbone, live footage by Massimo Calcagno and Patrick Simonetti.
The paintings on the cover and inside are by Francesca Ghizzardi.


01 Ancient veil

02 Dance around my slow time

03 The dance of the elves

04 Creatures of the lake

05 Night thoughts

06 New

07 Rings of earthly light (suite)



Sell my feelings

Following her in a fantasy lake

I re emerged ancient knight

08 Pushing together

09 In the rising mist

10 I am changing

11 If I only knew

12 Bright autumn dawn