Pushing together





  • Alessandro Serrivocals, guitars, flute
  • Paolo Raciti: piano and keyboards
  • Edmondo Romano: alto recorder, tenor sax, backing vocals
  • Marco Forella: bass
  • Martino Murtas: drum

The songs are:

  • Going” that it will entitled “Rings of earthly light” in the same CD.
  • Pushing together” that it will maintain the same title in CD “Rings of earthly light”.
  • The last” “The way home” in CD “Rings of earthly light”
  • Walking around suite(recorded live) that it will come inserted partially in choral version in CD “The ancient veil” and the first part of this song will be published in the CD “I am changing with the new title “Chime of the times”

This demo-tape was recorded in 1990. Only 150 copies published.

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