Cristiano Roversi, producer and traveling artist in the depths of the most curious music, has created for Ma.Ra.Cash. Records a double CD tribute to John Wetton, entitled CELEBRATING THE DRAGON.

The 22 artists present interpreted pieces from the solo repertoire of Wetton, King Crimson, U.K., Uriah Heep and Asia. As usual in operations of this type, the approach is very different among the participants. There are those who have chosen the rigorous path, more or less, and those who have significantly changed the cards on the table.

What’s the right approach? It doesn’t exist, because it depends on one’s own sensitivity, both of the listener and of the musician/performer. The audio result is of a good level, in some cases excellent, thanks also to the work in the studio to master the songs so that there weren’t too many steps between one and another.

John’s story is told by timeless classics and almost forgotten songs that take on new life.

CELEBRATING THE DRAGON is a sincere tribute to John, where every participant has done their utmost to remember him. In addition to the Italian artists, Andy Tillison of Tangent and Richard Palmer-James, Wetton’s friend and collaborator, first in King Crimson and then together on several albums, are present.

Guido Bellachioma – director Prog Italia Magazine

Tracklist CD 1

  1. Randevous 6.02 – A Life Long Journey
  2. Starless – Alex Carpani
  3. I Believe In You – Ancient Veil
  4. Book Of Saturday – Andrea Chimenti
  5. In The Dead Of Night – Andy Tillison (The tangent)
  6. Crime Of Passion – Banda Belzoni Feat. Gazebo
  7. One Way Or Another – Blind Golem
  8. Arkangel – Davide Marani (Submarine Silence)
  9. After The War – Divae Project
  10. The Night Watch – Germinale
  11. Don’t Cry – Kerygmatic Project

Tracklist CD 2

  1. The Great Deceiver – La Grazia Obliqua
  2. Wildest Dreams – Leviathan
  3. Heat Of The Moment – Maetrika
  4. Battle Lines – Mangala Vallis
  5. Soul Survivor Cutting It Fine – Moongarden
  6. Fallen Angel – Notturno Concertante
  7. In The End – Richard Palmer James
  8. Caesar Palace Blues – Rosenkreutz
  9. Lament – Saro Cosentino
  10. Una Volta Ancora (Time Again) – Sezione Frenante
  11. Turn On The Radio – Sterbus Feat. Il Dolo